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July 29, 2013 / foreverhealed

Like the dress…

Like the dress...

but LOVE the shoes!

July 29, 2013 / foreverhealed

Best thing about this outfit?

Best thing about this outfit?

The shoes!!!

July 29, 2013 / foreverhealed

Kate did this right!

Kate did this right!

Love the pop of pink with an all-black outfit

September 30, 2012 / foreverhealed

Books that Have Devastated Me With Their Depth, Tragedy, or Beauty

The Grapes of Wrath

The Executioner’s Song

Norwegian Wood

The Time Traveler’s Wife

Their Eyes Were Watching God

A Wrinkle In Time

Julie of the Wolves

Island of the Blue Dolphins

The Secret Garden



Rain of Gold

Old Yeller

Charlotte’s Web

Bridge to Terabithia

The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao

The Good Earth

September 30, 2012 / foreverhealed

Richard Burton writes about Elizabeth

‘I have been inordinately lucky all my life but the greatest luck of all has been Elizabeth. She has turned me into a model man but not a prig, she is a wildly exciting lover-mistress, she is shy and witty, she is nobody’s fool.
‘She is a brilliant actress, she is beautiful beyond the dreams of pornography, she can be arrogant and wilful, she is clement and loving. She is Sunday’s child, she can tolerate my impossibilities and my drunkenness, she is an ache in the stomach when I am away from her and she loves me.
‘She is the prospectus that can never be entirely catalogued, an almanac for poor Richard. And I shall love her forever.’

‘Sometimes I am so much my father’s son that I give myself occasional creeps. He had the same gift for damaging with the tongue, he had the same temporary violence, he had the same fidelity to Mam that I have to Elizabeth.’

“I lust after your smell … and your round belly and the exquisite softness of the inside of your thighs and your baby-bottom and your giving lips and the half-hostile look in your eyes when you’re deep in rut with your little Welsh stallion.”

September 30, 2012 / foreverhealed

My favorite Guess campaign

September 30, 2012 / foreverhealed

Simple Sexiness

Of all the pictures taken of the ridiculously sexy Brigitte Bardot, this is by far the sexiest.